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GARAGA vrhunska garažna i industrijska vrata

Garaga Residential Garage Doors.

Well-designed doors

Regardless of the fact that consumers once considered the choice of their garage door as a trivial issue when planning to build or renovate their home, today's consumer is well aware of how important this choice is. Today's consumers knows that a garage door will affect the overall aesthetics of his house and its resale value. This is why Garaga offers you quality residential garage doors.

It's made to last

In addition to being attractive, a garage door must also perform flawlessly year after year. Garaga doors are both lightweight and solid, a combination that ensures their durability and that of their mechanical components. Garaga thinks of every detail in order to offer you maximum longevity, air tightness, insulation and aesthetics, as well as minimum maintenance. Every step is taken to make your Garage door the only door you ever purchase.

Custom garage doors

Are the dimensions of your garage door unconventional? Do you need a quickly made custom garage door? You've come to the right place! All our residential garage doors can be manufactured in custom sizes and we deliver our non-standard doors within a standard time frame.

Here in this section you will find everything you need to know when choosing your residential garage door.

 Garaga Industrial and Commercial Garage Doors

Always consider your commercial garage door as important as any other piece of equipment in your building. Industrial and commercial garage doors open and close several times a day on an constant operation basis. Choosing any low quality garage door may result in high fees and worries for your business.

A door that’s stronger

Garaga Industrial doors are designed to stand up to the tests of time… and people. Constructed of crush resistant polyurethane* with metal walls and exclusive interlocking joints, the panels form a super-strong “sandwich”. With strength and durability built in for the long run, you can be sure you're making a choice you'll never regret.

A system that lasts longer

A key factor in the durability of a door is its hardware. Components that are not robust enough can become the source of high repair and maintenance costs.

The cost differential between two choices can be minimal and far less than the cost of repeat maintenance calls. Make sure you're buying the components that will stand up to your requirements.

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